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10 Yoga Poses for Stomach Cramps

Yoga is an ancient practice of creating harmony between the mind and the body. Originating from India, this spiritual practice of coordination is now known for fabricating strength and flexibility. Yoga has proved to be a non-medical remedy for a lot of diseases over the years. The International Journal of Yoga has also suggested practicing yoga to ease muscle tension in the stomach.

Feeling bloated or having stomach cramps? Instead of resorting to painkillers and antacids, try yoga poses for relief from stomach cramps.

Do you know the best part about these yoga postures? Not only they are easy and doable, but they also don’t come with a doctor fee or medications! Isn’t that a plus?

Let’s take you through a collection of yoga poses that will relief you from stomach cramps.

Spine Twist

This pose calls for lying on your back by bending your knees in a way that your feet are grounded to the floor and your arms stretched out on either side. Twist your knees and your head in opposite directions to twist your body.

This pose relieves stomach cramps like no other.

Child’s Pose

This pose puts an end not only to the stomach discomfort but also relieves you of the backache. It supports your abdomen by helping your knees embrace your chest with you facing down.

Wind Relieving Pose

To practice this pose you will need to lie on your back with your knees drawn into your chest and your arms hugging your knees. You can gently rock side to side while you hold this pose for thirty seconds. This is a natural position for relieving any stomach discomfort and is called “Apasana” in Sanskrit.

Bridge Pose

Instead of compressing your stomach, you may stretch it too for relief from stomach cramps. Lie down flat on your back and bend your knees. Raise all of your body by keeping your feet hands and head grounded to the floor. Rise till you don’t feel a pull or stretch in your abdomen or chest. Hold the pose for 30 seconds.

Seated Heart Opener

To stretch out your abdomen, you can go for this pose by sitting on your shin and placing your palms behind you. Keep your palms pressed to the ground while you lift your chest and arch your back. This should make your hips hug your heels and your throat and chest feel a slight stretch.

Stomach cramps at the workplace? Don’t worry; use the chair to perform the same pose.

Cat-Cow Pose

You can practice this pose by standing on your all four limbs. With your spine and head aligned arch your back pointing your navel to the floor imitating a cat’s body posture.

For the cow pose, extend your back an arch your navel to let your abdominal muscles loosen up from the cat pose.

Downward Facing Dog

This pose compresses all the major organs in your abdomen aiding in digestion.

To practice this pose, get into plank position but push your hip up and into the air with the hands and feet staying on the ground for your support. 10 seconds into the pose, pull your navel towards your spine for stomach muscle compression.

Triangle Post

Ate too much and want to get the food in your stomach move?

Stand at ease with your feet apart. With one foot slightly facing outward, reach the shin of this foot with your body bent and the other hand in the air.

This pose besides alleviating backache helps in digestion by toning abdominal muscles.

Forward Bend Pose

This pose helps in strengthening your abs and aids in digestion by compressing your abdominal muscles. To practice this posture you need to stand with your feet apart and bend down taking your hands to the floor.

No problem if your hands can’t reach the floor, use a yoga block to place your hands on.

Breathe In and Out

Just like you cool down your body after a rigorous exercise session, similarly, you need to cool down your body after yoga.

Exhale and inhale deeply for a few minutes focussing on your breathing rhythm. This way you will wind up of your yoga session for the digestive system.

Try these easy and doable yoga poses and figure out which one helps you in relieving yourself from stomach discomfort.

I bet you will not reach out for antacids for stomach cramps next time!

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