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Top 10 Stress-Buster Activities

Stress is a very real problem in this social media-oriented world that we live in today. The statistics of those suffering from depression in the overall population are pretty alarming, and we need to find ways to reduce our stress levels because stress can help induce many different health problems including type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension.

The increasing population of the world has resulted in an increase in competition for the same resources, putting a strain on the whole population. In light of such facts, it’s important that we include stress-buster activities as part of our daily routine!

Here are the top 10 stress-buster activities that you can perform to get rid of your stress:


All types of exercises, including short and long, easy and hard, help release endorphins in your body. Endorphins are chemical substances that uplift your mood and reduce stress levels. Walking for about 15 minutes a day can also reduce your stress levels significantly and help you cope with stress better!

Go for a Swim

Swimming is a sports activity that can release tension and make you feel better instantly. The calming water will make you feel lighter, literally, and decrease muscle tension, helping you relax. You should go for a swim at least once a week for about an hour or two for the best stress-buster results! In the winter season, try finding a warm pool where you can unwind your stress.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

To perform this activity, all you have to do is lie down in bed and contract your muscles tightly and then relax them. Start with your face and work your way towards your lower body. Close your eyelids tightly for a few seconds and then let them relax. Similarly, use the muscles of your neck, hands and then work your way progressively downward. During the relaxation phase, you’ll notice that you feel a calming sensation. You can also watch videos online on how to perform Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

Perform Yoga and Meditation Regularly

Yoga is one of the most commonly known methods of reducing stress and increasing your happy hormones. Meditation, too, helps in reducing stress! Join a regular yoga class or take online classes. For the best results, you should perform yoga regularly!

Perform Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises help you calm down and relax when you’re feeling angry or depressed. Breathing exercises can help you compose yourself during extremely stressful situations like exam season.

Give Yourself a Spa Treatment at Home

If you have a bathtub at home, then give yourself a spa treatment at home. Turn on the hot water until your bathroom is filled with steam. Next, fill a bathtub full of warm water and turn on the music. Soak yourself in the water for about half an hour while enjoying the music!

Spend Some Time with Your Pet

Spending time with your pet is known to reduce stress levels and increase the levels of the happy hormones in your body! This only applies if you actually love your pet. Hold them close to you and hug them if that’s possible.

Listen to Your Favorite Music

Studies have shown that listening to music can actually help uplift your mood and make you more active! Music stimulates many parts of your brain that are involved in bringing about the sensations of happiness, which is why your mood usually gets uplifted after putting on your earphones and listening to music.

Get Proper Sleep

Getting improper sleep can add to your stress levels. While you’re sleeping, a lot of chemical reactions occur in your body which helps refresh your body and restore its energy levels. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you may find yourself getting stressed out at the tiniest matters.

Get a Weekly Massage Done

A massage done by a professional masseuse can relieve your stress as nothing else can! A massage will release all your muscle tension that has built up due to stress and it will relax your body from head to toe. Getting a weekly massage can greatly boost your mental health as well!

So what are you waiting for? Try out the stress-buster activities listed above in order to get rid of all your stress. Remember, stress can come in the way of your productivity and it’s not good for your physical or mental health, which is why getting rid of it is so important! Perform these activities for a few weeks and see the difference for yourself!

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