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Top 7 Yoga Poses for Sinus Relief

Suffering from sinusitis can be very difficult as it has an impact on your routine life. It doubles the amount of stress an individual can bear which ultimately worsens the symptoms linked to the sinus. People take a number of medications to combat sinus or another type of allergies; however one of the ways to alleviate allergies is through yoga. Yoga helps keep different forms of allergies like sinus at bay.

Some of the yoga poses that one should do to get rid of sinus as soon as possible are mentioned below:

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is the best yoga pose that can help promote normal breathing amongst the ones suffering from sinusitis. It is also known to relieve problems like headaches, back pain, etc. Cobra pose involves the person lying down on the floor on the stomach. Palms should be placed near the shoulder whereas the legs should be placed at a distance from each other. Now inhale and lift your body and try to stay in this position for a considerable amount of time. A total of five cycles should be completed in this pose.

Head to Knee Pose

Head to knee pose is famously known for its ability to help relieve severe form of sinusitis. It requires a person to touch their knee with their head while one leg is folded inwards. You should stay in this position for at least 50 seconds on each leg.  It should be done on an empty stomach.

Child Pose

Child pose is very effective in terms of relieving sinus pressure. It will help not only help in stretching your hips but will also massage your forehead in the most soothing manner. The toes should be placed behind and the hips should be placed towards the heels. Place your forehead on the mat while the chest faces the mat. People can add their own variation in this yoga pose as they can either stretch their arms in a forward position or they can stretch it sideways.

Camel Pose

Camel pose resembles a camel as the person is in a backbend position. You should sit on your knees and stretch your arms backward. The right arm should hold the right foot and left arm should hold the left foot. Stay in this position for at least 40 to 50 seconds. The camel pose helps in stretching the chest and throat. It is great for alleviating allergies like sinusitis.

Bridge Pose

Majority of allergies are triggered by stress. The symptoms of sinusitis can worsen if the person is under a lot of stress and depression. Bridge pose helps in dealing with stress and anxiety related problems. It can easily trigger off sinusitis. Lie down on your back and lift your upper body while your knees are bent and the feet are placed on the ground. Hands should be placed on your ankles.

Downward Facing Pose

In a downward facing pose, the person is bent down with his face facing downwards. It looks like a dog bending in a forward position. The pose should be carried out in the morning. Stand on your feet and bend forward. The hands should be placed on the floor while the feet should be placed firmly. It improves circulation, therefore; it is advised that the individual should stay in this position for at least one to three minutes.

Fish Pose

In order to carry out a fish pose, one needs to have a stiff body. Lie down on your back and the hands should be placed under the tailbone. The elbows should be squeezed in a manner that it helps in lifting your body towards the sky. The head should be placed on the mat. Once you feel that you are done with the fish pose, and then gradually release your body. First, lift your head and then place your body on the mat.

Yoga can help treat any form of allergy in one of the most effective manners. It has no side effects or adverse effects. Anyone can easily carry out the poses mentioned above within their own comfort zone. It is better to cure or treat your illness through natural ways or remedies rather than relying solely on heavy medications. One yoga pose can treat different forms of problems thus it also minimizes the chances of any severe condition or disease. The natural it is the better it is. Try it out and feel the difference.

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